FBI Seizes BOXES Of Evidence & More From Brian Laundrie’s Family Home

FBI Seizes BOXES Of Evidence & More From Brian Laundrie’s Family Home
Home » Legal Matters » FBI Seizes BOXES Of Evidence & More From Brian Laundrie’s Family Home

Amid Brian Laundrie‘s sudden disappearance, the FBI has officially raided his family house in Florida on Monday.

As we reported earlier today, the North Point home was declared a crime scene, just one day after Gabby Petito‘s body was believed to have been found in Wyoming. Live footage of the raid showed the Laundries’ property marked off with crime scene tape as officers removed boxes of evidence and placed them into a FBI van. Additionally, a silver Mustang was towed out of the driveway.

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You can see some clips of the warrant-executed search (below):

Boxes and boxes of evidence now going into the FBI van at the Brian Laundrie house. It’s pouring rain. pic.twitter.com/NXs2zmsvEB

— Brian Entin (@BrianEntin) September 20, 2021

This is the mustang being towed away from Brian Laundrie’s house. FBI took it away. pic.twitter.com/0q0EyRwMkK

— Brian Entin (@BrianEntin) September 20, 2021

Appears FBI is done at the Laundrie house. Agents just left. pic.twitter.com/3Pa8QR7LcD

— Brian Entin (@BrianEntin) September 20, 2021

North Point Police shared Monday:

“We currently believe we have exhausted all avenues in searching of the grounds there. Law enforcement agencies continue to search for Brian Laundrie.”

Meanwhile, the body found yesterday will undergo an autopsy on Tuesday.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram & FOX 35 Orlando/YouTube]

COVID-19 Patient ‘Rescued’ From Hospital By Anti-Vaxxers Is Reportedly Readmitted And In ‘Serious Condition’

COVID-19 Patient ‘Rescued’ From Hospital By Anti-Vaxxers Is Reportedly Readmitted And In ‘Serious Condition’
Home » Viral: News » COVID-19 Patient ‘Rescued’ From Hospital By Anti-Vaxxers Is Reportedly Readmitted And In ‘Serious Condition’

This is all so scary and sad — and honestly, it could have been prevented entirely if the poor man had just stayed in the hospital to receive care in the first place.

Remember, Perezcious readers, how we recently reported on that wild and sad story out of Ireland involving a confused COVID patient and an over-zealous anti-vaxxer? As you’ll recall, a man in Ireland was wheeled out of a hospital there against doctor’s wishes after an anti-vaxxer falsely convinced the poor guy that they were “rescuing” him, or else the hospital “would kill” him during treatment.

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That was a bald-faced lie, of course, but the distracted and confused COVID patient — who could be clearly seen struggling to breathe on video in the original post — agreed to leave the hospital and go back home. Well now, according to insiders, the man in question is back in the hospital, and his condition is evidently far more serious now than it was days ago as he was being wheeled out by the conspiracy theorist.

According to the Irish Times, the man, who hails from Donegal, was readmitted to Letterkenny Hospital and is currently “in a serious condition.”

While the hospital group itself declined to comment on the case or confirm the man’s readmission, citing health privacy laws, a source inside the organization told the outlet that the man has allegedly been placed on a ventilator. The insider further described the man’s condition as “extremely serious.” OMG…

Previously, the Saolta Hospital Group, which oversees Letterkenny Hospital, had commented publicly about the patient’s initial exit from medical care, saying the org was “gravely concerned” by his departure and adding:

“The deliberate spreading of disinformation and at times defamatory comments against named staff members along with the posting of these videos on social media platforms is adding significantly to the burden already facing healthcare professionals.”

Now, it appears that man is back in the hospital and receiving care after a departure that honestly never should have happened in the first place.

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BTW, Ireland — and specifically the Donegal area — has been hit hard by COVID recently. Per the Irish Times, the state reported 1,392 cases back on Friday, including 288 patients in local hospitals and 73 of those in the intensive care unit.

Here’s hoping more people heed the warning here and continue on with COVID treatment once admitted to the hospital, instead of listening to anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists for their medical advice…

[Image via Saolta University Health Care Group/YouTube]

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Can’t Stop Making Out Even Surrounded By Monsters At Knott’s Scary Farm!

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Can’t Stop Making Out Even Surrounded By Monsters At Knott’s Scary Farm!
Home » Kourtney Kardashian » Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Can’t Stop Making Out Even Surrounded By Monsters At Knott’s Scary Farm!

Can’t trick these lovebirds! They’re all PDA treats!

While there was much to be scared about at SoCal’s Knott’s Berry Farm, AKA Knott’s Scary Farm during the fall holiday season, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker seemed to be having the time of their life while on a fun date night over the weekend!

Kourt showed off her Halloween-themed evening on her Instagram Stories, flaunting a steamy make-out session she and the Blink-182 drummer shared while surrounded by creepy AF monsters!

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The 42-year-old also added some HIGHlarious pics of the couple, who have been dating for nine months now, riding the “Halloween Hootenanny”-themed Timber Mountain Log Ride, which snaps a photo amid a terrifying 42-foot drop. Ch-ch-check out the haunted happenings (below)!

(c) Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram
(c) Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram
LMFAO. Looks like Kourt got a bit scared! / (c) Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Such natural daredevils. LOLz!

As you can tell in the last pic, the parents were joined by Barker’s son Landon, 17, and a friend. So it was a true family affair! Earlier this month, the festive pair also swung by Universal StudiosHalloween Horror Nights with their kids for an old-fashioned scare… But judging by photos shared by his 15-year-old daughter Alabama Barker at the time, they weren’t paying as much attention to the attractions as to their attraction.

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No surprise there! The A-lister’s have quickly earned a reputation for always locking lips in public. Just last week, the PDA-loving couple made their red carpet debut together at the 2021 MTV VMAs. Travis was in attendance to perform alongside Machine Gun Kelly and took Kourt as his plus one. Then they hit up the town afterward for an iconic double date with the rapper’s lady Megan Fox! Not before getting very frisky in the bathroom though (as seen below)!!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash)


Don’t worry, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian alum reassured fans that she gets up to as much fun with her beau doing everyday, mundane activities as she does while jetting across the world. On Thursday, she shared a funny “Instagram vs. Reality” post, capturing the duo dressed up for a night out alongside a selfie lying in bed with face masks on. Just the kind of thing that makes us think these two might really have what it takes to stick together for the long haul.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash)

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram]

Watch The Amazing Moment Ashley Graham Finds Out She’s Having TWINS!

Watch The Amazing Moment Ashley Graham Finds Out She’s Having TWINS!
Home » Ashley Graham » Watch The Amazing Moment Ashley Graham Finds Out She’s Having TWINS!

Upgrade that bundle of joy to a double for Ashley Graham!

The model, who already shares son Isaac with husband Justin Ervin, first revealed she was pregnant again back in July. But on Monday, she shared some more major news — the couple is expecting twins!

Not only that, but the podcast host shared a behind-the-scenes look at the parents’ pregnancy journey this time around in a video on Instagram (below). The clip starts immediately after she had taken two pregnancy tests, then fast forwards to an ultrasound of her already-big bump getting an ultrasound. As she watches the screen in her OB-GYN’s office, the 33-year-old gasps:

“Is that twins?”

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A post shared by A S H L E Y G R A H A M (@ashleygraham)

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After the doc confirms the double blessing, the video cuts closer as Ashley examines the screen, observing:

“That’s a penis…”

While she briefly thinks the second baby is a girl, the doctor corrects:

“That’s a boy too.”

The expecting momma and her man both exclaim over the news (Justin can be heard saying, “You’re joking me.”) She then begins to crack up as she realizes:

“We’re going to have three boys!”

(c) Justin Ervin/Instagram

To top it all off, the filmmaker shared a snap of the two new members of the family on his own Instagram Story (above).

OMG, this is so exciting! So happy for Ashley and Justin. We can’t wait to welcome the twins to the world!

[Image via Ashley Graham/Instagram]

Christina Haack IS Engaged! And The Timing Of Her Announcement Is SUPER Sus!

Christina Haack IS Engaged! And The Timing Of Her Announcement Is SUPER Sus!
Home » Put A Ring On It » Christina Haack IS Engaged! And The Timing Of Her Announcement Is SUPER Sus!

Well, there it is!

Christina Haack is officially engaged to boyfriend Joshua Hall — and the timing couldn’t be more inneresting!

The 38-year-old Christina on the Coast star teased the news herself with a series of Instagram posts that she kept posting and deleting, culminating in a Monday morning photo dump showing off a flashy diamond ring along with several photos of a super-romantic dinner the pair shared.

She also updated her Instagram bio to include a ring emoji next to Joshua’s name — sure-fire proof that the duo has made a commitment to spend forever and ever together! Congrats!!!

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The pair is down in Los Cabos, Mexico right now to celebrate Joshua’s birthday, and things are clearly going very well! So well, in fact, that we’re wondering if she’s specifically using the trip to one-up her ex, Flip or Flop co-host Tarek El Moussa, who is about to get hitched again, too!

With Monday morning’s brand new post, the HGTV star didn’t even opt to use words in her caption — just emojis! And the emojis that tell a story which, as you can see (below), make it pretty clear that he popped the question and she came back with a big ol’ YES:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Christina Haack (@christinahaack)

A heart, an infinity symbol, a lock, a key, and a ring! Love it! What more do y’all need?!

This. Is. HAPPENING!!!

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This follows a separate photo of the pair down in Mexico that Christina shared on Sunday that seemed to pre-empt this morning’s announcement in its own way, too.

With Sunday’s beach-side snap, the Flip or Flop star wrote a very inneresting celebratory caption seriously hinting that forever was on the table for her and the beau on that one:

“Happy birthday baby. You give me that teenage kinda love vibe and manly protection. It’s a combo for a lifetime of happiness + success. Thank you for reminding me what life and love are like when you put down the technology. I love you Josh.”

Talking about “a lifetime of happiness” there — with another infinity symbol, BTW — made pretty clear what is now official as of Monday: get ready to ring the wedding bells already!

ICYMI, ch-ch-check out that pre-emptive Sunday snap and cap down (below):

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Christina Haack (@christinahaack)

Like we said, add that to Monday’s emoji-filled photo dump and yeah, it all seems pretty obvious looking back, doesn’t it?! Either way, we’re very happy for these two! May this love be the forever happiness they seek!

Announcement aside, though, can we talk timing for a second??

El Moussa is literally just a few weeks away from getting hitched to Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young, and it’s no secret that he and Christina haven’t exactly had the easiest time being exes who still work together since officially splitting up way back at the very end of 2016.

Is it a coincidence that Christina would choose right now to share her engagement news? Nothing like line-jumping your ex and stealing the spotlight before his wedding, right??

Look, we’re not saying she intentionally rushed a romance (she and Joshua only met this past Spring) to beat her ex down the aisle. Plenty of people fall in love and get engaged in just a few months. But if she’d wanted to, she certainly could have waited until after the wedding to make her own announcement.

Knowing the ex-pair’s volatile recent public history, too, Tarek probably isn’t too happy about it!

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And this isn’t even the first time the couple’s engagement content has been teased out on social media!

TWICE in the last six weeks, eagle-eyed fans have spotted Christina wearing what appears to be an engagement ring on her left ring finger, only to have the snaps scrubbed from social media. Back in August, she got caught posting a photo of herself and Hall with the ring visible on her finger, but she quickly deleted it and re-posted one without the jewelry showing.

So this engagement — and the rumors and rumblings around it — have been brewing for a while!

What say U, Perezcious readers?? Did Christina push out this engagement news right now specifically to one-up Tarek ahead of his wedding day?! Or are she and Joshua so in love that they just couldn’t wait and jumped in anyways??

Sound AWF down below with your comments about Christina’s engagement and all the rest of this crazy contractor controversy!!!

[Image via Christina Haack/Tarek El Moussa/Instagram]

My Mom Was In The Worst Mood! This Is How I Cheered Her Up – Vegas Style! | Perez Hilton And Family

My Mom Was In The Worst Mood! This Is How I Cheered Her Up – Vegas Style! | Perez Hilton And Family
Home » Sin City » My Mom Was In The Worst Mood! This Is How I Cheered Her Up – Vegas Style! | Perez Hilton And Family

Grandma hit a wall! Not literally, but… it was that time in the vacation. You know what we mean! So, to turn her frown upside down we took her to the Excalibur, which is one of her favorite places to gamble at in Las Vegas. Perez doesn’t gamble, but we do love seeing shows. It makes our heart very happy! And there are SO MANY shows to see in Sin City! Each casino has multiple entertainment options! We had never heard of Mac King before, but we decided to check him out at the Excalibur and are so glad we did! He combines comedy and magic in a very special way. A real old school charm to his show! Another thing we LOVE about Vegas is that unlike Broadway and other venues, the audience is such an important part of the show here. And you so often have a chance to participate! Mac King had J.R. Hilton help him out during his show – and he didn’t even know who Perez was! Afterwards, we let Momma Perez gamble even longer and we took the kids to the Excalibur arcade. There was a teachable moment with Mia there. And then we all headed to Fremont Street. We were very excited to do their zipline with our son, but… watch to find out why it wasn’t meant to be! We had some food at White Castle, which was actually our first time ever eating there, and we have some thoughts! And, a surprise for mom at the end that left her VERY happy!

Watch! Enjoy!


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Jeannie Mai Jenkins Announces Pregnancy With STUNNING Maternity Photos!!

Jeannie Mai Jenkins Announces Pregnancy With STUNNING Maternity Photos!!
Home » Pregnant » Jeannie Mai Jenkins Announces Pregnancy With STUNNING Maternity Photos!!

This is so great!

The Real co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins is going to be a momma — and she’s already five months pregnant!

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant spoke with Women’s Health on Monday to share the amazing news and reveal how she and her husband Jeezy got to this point. First off, the 42-year-old gushed:

“Jeezy and I have been kind of saving this and hiding this for five months. So, we’re relieved to finally share the news.”

We bet! Especially since, at the time of giving the interview, the star hadn’t even told her daytime TV co-hosts Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, and Garcelle Beauvais yet. (They now know because they happily teased the announcement during the show’s Season 8 premiere.) Pretty impressive she was able to fool people for so long!

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Jeannie also detailed a recent miscarriage following in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment that made her question if she’d “jinxed” herself, explaining:

“I wondered if I was being punished. I wondered if I’d jinxed myself or cursed myself. My entire life, I never wanted children. When I say never, I’m talking a hard-stop never.”

Sounds like someone else we know

But being in an “honest, pure, and safe” relationship these days, Jeannie is more ready than ever to expand her family and overjoyed that she gets the chance to welcome a mini-me soon! Read all about her pregnancy rituals, motherhood plans, and see those jaw-dropping maternity pics HERE! But, first, see the moment she showed off her baby bump on TV (below)!

Stunning! Congratulations Jeannie and Jeezy!! We can’t wait to meet Baby Jenkins!

[Image via The Real Daytime/YouTube]

Gisele Bündchen Defends Anti-Vaxxer Pal Doutzen Kroes After ‘Selfish’ & ‘Irresponsible’ Instagram Post

Gisele Bündchen Defends Anti-Vaxxer Pal Doutzen Kroes After ‘Selfish’ & ‘Irresponsible’ Instagram Post
Home » Gisele Bundchen » Gisele Bündchen Defends Anti-Vaxxer Pal Doutzen Kroes After ‘Selfish’ & ‘Irresponsible’ Instagram Post

This isn’t exactly what we would call model behavior…

We’re a year and a half into a global pandemic, and there are still people out there who think they know better than doctors about the safety and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines and treatments. And some of those people have HUGE celebrity platforms. (We’re looking at you, Joe Rogan.)

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Anti-vaccine rhetoric is extremely dangerous, particularly when parroted on those big platforms. So it brings us no pleasure to report that model Doutzen Kroes has come out against vaccines on her own Instagram page. She first dipped her toes into dubious misinformation back in July 2020; she later took a prolonged social media break, which frankly was probably for the best.

Over the weekend, however, she returned to write (in part):

“I tried to ignore the negative and focus on the positive. But at this point I can no longer turn a blind eye to the injustice that is happening right in front of us.

Other people have given me hope and strength with their courage to stand up for our rights. They touched my heart and inspired me to do the same. So although my hands are shaking while writing this, I feel it is time to choose courage over comfort and speak my truth:

I will not be forced to take the shot. I will not be forced to prove my health to participate in society. I will not accept exclusion of people based on their medical status.”

The 36-year-old concluded:

“Freedom of speech is a right worth fighting for but we can only solve this united in peace and love!

Pass on the torch of hope and love and speak your truth.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Doutzen Kroes (@doutzen)

There were plenty of people who supported the Netherland native’s contrarian point of view, but many others deemed her message “arrogant,” “insensitive,” and “dangerous.” Comments included:

“Use your platform for something good, not this! Unfollow

“Lol painfully stupid”


Some even left longer arguments, like:

“This post is deeply irresponsible and shows your flimsy grasp on both science and reality. Since when do your rights to refuse the vaccine trump my rights to live in a society where everyone is making sacrifices in order to move past this awful pandemic. This is selfishness masquerading as wokeness. Don’t worry though – all the rest of us cowardly vaccinated folks will be here to take care of you if you get sick.”

100% correct. No one argues they shouldn’t be forced to obey speed limits and stay within the lines on the road, or to prove they know how to do those things with a driver’s license. It’s simple — it’s all just about keeping everyone safe, and anyone who tells you different is selling something. (Probably a political candidate or two.)

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel had one major defender from critics though — fellow model Gisele Bündchen. Yes, Tom Brady’s wife also joined the comments section discussion, writing:

“I know Doutzen and she is a kind and loving person. I can’t believe the hate being directed at her because she expressed her feelings. It saddens me to see all the judgment and the lack of empathy in so many peoples hearts. Hate is not the answer. The only way we can create a better world is trough [sic] compassion and acceptance.”

Yeah, y’all! Where’s the empathy and acceptance for her lack of empathy and acceptance??

The 41-year-old added:

“I invite you to silence your mind and go deep within to find love in your heart so we can all unite in peace and create harmony in our lives and in our world. We need it more than ever.

Well, what about the love in our hearts for the millions of people around the world who have died from this disease? We would argue that refusing the vaccine, which helps prevent the spread of the virus AND mutation of new strains, demonstrates much more tangible lack of empathy than trash talk on Instagram (rude though it may be).

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We have to wonder, could Gisele’s defense mean she, too, is anti-vax? Her husband was vaccinated with his football teammates, but no word on her own status. (BTW, Yolanda Hadid also commented a heart on Doutzen’s post, so we can’t help side-eye her a bit, too.)

In any case, just a reminder: vaccines are safe, healthy, and free. If you’re still holding out to “do your own research,” at least get your data from the years of work put in by medical professionals and not models expressing their feelings.

[Image via Apega/WENN/Avalon]

Friday Actor Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson Dead At 55

Friday Actor Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson Dead At 55
Home » R.I.P. » Friday Actor Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson Dead At 55

Film star and stand-up comedian Anthony “AJ” Johnson was found dead in a Los Angeles store earlier this month, according to his nephew who spoke with TMZ on Monday.

The actor, just 55 years old, was rushed to the hospital once discovered, but it was too late. No cause of death has been released at this time. His representative confirmed the tragic news, telling the outlet:

“Our BH Talent family is saddened about the loss of an amazing iconic legend in comedy, our client and friend Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson.”

He leaves behind his wife and three children, as well as siblings and friends.

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Discussing the legacy of the comedian, the rep added:

“We are praying for all those that were touched by his comedy, acting, but most of all his life. We are especially praying for his beloved Wife, Children, Siblings and Manager.”

AJ’s career skyrocketed in 1990 when he booked the role of E.Z.E. in House Party. He’d go on to perform stand-up around El Lay before joining the cast of Friday as Ezal in 1995. He also starred in nearly 50 other films and TV shows, including Menace II Society, I Got The Hook-Up, and Hittin’ It.

Friday co-star and friend Ice Cube remembered him via Twitter, grieving the loss of the “naturally funny dude.” See his full tribute (below).

Sad to wake up to the news about AJ Johnson passing away. Naturally funny dude who was straight outta Compton at the same time. Sorry I couldn’t bring your character Ezal back to the big screen in Last Friday… https://t.co/gKbYZDZ4Br

— Ice Cube (@icecube) September 20, 2021

So sad. Fans of the ’90s film will recall how just months earlier, the world lost fellow co-star Tommy “Tiny” Lister this past December.

We’re sending love to Johnson’s inner circle as they mourn this untimely passing. R.I.P.

[Image via djvlad/Movieclips Classic Trailers/YouTube]

Brian Laundrie Seen Reading Novel About Missing Women Before Gabby Petito’s Disappearance?? Plus, His Family Home Is Declared A Crime Scene

Brian Laundrie Seen Reading Novel About Missing Women Before Gabby Petito’s Disappearance?? Plus, His Family Home Is Declared A Crime Scene
Home » Sad Sad » Brian Laundrie Seen Reading Novel About Missing Women Before Gabby Petito’s Disappearance?? Plus, His Family Home Is Declared A Crime Scene

Now that Gabby Petito’s body is believed to be found, the investigation into her boyfriend Brian Laundrie’s disappearance has become all the more urgent.

The 23-year-old’s family reported him missing on Friday, September 17, saying they had no contact with him since Tuesday. The news came several days after Gabby herself had been reported as missing, and more than two weeks since Brian had returned home to Florida without her.

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After human remains consistent with descriptions of Gabby were found in Grand Teton National Park on Sunday, the FBI reportedly swarmed Brian’s family home on Monday, officially declaring the house a crime scene. Per Fox News, parents Chris and Roberta Laundrie were removed from the scene; their attorney offered no comment on the situation.

The Bureau released a statement on the latest development:

“The FBI is executing a court-authorized search warrant today at the Laundrie residence in North Port, FL relevant to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito investigation. No further details can be provided since this is an active and ongoing investigation.”

The @FBI is in North Port this morning outside #BrianLaundrie home.

Click here to watch live @NBC2 https://t.co/um2Ab3VVZZ pic.twitter.com/QErdVe3BlT

— Briana Fernandez (@BrianaFernNews) September 20, 2021

Meanwhile, the search for Brian himself continues, though a North Port Police Department spokesperson shared that officials had “exhausted all avenues in searching of the grounds” at Carlton Reserve, where his parents claimed he had gone.

Gabby’s disappearance garnered widespread attention, and particularly caught on like wildfire on social media. Their involvement has arguably benefitted the situation; the body was found not far from where one YouTuber spotted a van matching the description of the couple’s vehicle. So, social media may indeed have contributed a huge break in the case.

However, the sheer volume of posts dissecting every aspect of the case has also raised questions about the ethics of true crime voyeurism:

I have had a very bad feeling about how true crime has become like…a fandom essentially…and the reaction to Gabby Petitio's disappearance has proven my bad feeling incredibly valid tbh

— Elle M. (they/them) (@ellle_em) September 18, 2021

i think it's amazing that people are using tiktok to amplify #gabbypetitio in hopes of helping the investigation but im deeply troubled by how much fun some of these true crime girls are having with it. it's not a scavenger hunt, she's a person that's missing and it's horrible

— brookelyn (@perhapsbrooke) September 18, 2021

All these white women living out their true crime fantasy with this gabby petitio thing is very weird and gross. It’s also not at all surprising that they’re so worked up about this, but never seem to care when Black and Indigenous women go missing all the time #gabbypetitio

— maX ????️‍???? (@MaxPatrick1113) September 18, 2021

Take, for instance, one viral TikTok video from user @alyssaest93. She claimed to have found a “very disturbing” clue on Gabby’s YouTube channel, sharing with followers:

“The clip… was of Brian reading a book, and it apparently is called The Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, about groups of people exploring uncharted terrain that go missing. This particular book in the series follows four women. What? So many people have said that, that information needs to be handed over to the police.”

@alyssaest93##greenscreenvideo ##greenscreen ##gabbypetito ##viral ##news ##update ##ZFlipClackdown ##foryoupage ##fyp ##trending ##crime ##crimejunkie ##realcrime ##realtime ##vanlife ##xyzbca ##wyoming ##utah ##westcoast♬ original sound – Alyssa Rose

Annihilation, which was adapted into a movie starring Natalie Portman, is the first in an award-winning science fiction trilogy series. The book followed a military operation that explored an area of land strangely affected by an alien influence. While several people (including the four women mentioned) do technically go “missing,” it’s because of the dangers of the alien terrain — the details of which are very, very different from Gabby’s situation. It’s unclear what the police would be able to glean from Brian reading a fairly popular fictional novel.

Some users criticized the video, commenting:

“This book ‘Annihilation’ 10000% has nothing to do with this case. It’s literally about aliens. This is almost just offensive at this point.”

“Seriously… y’all are just reaching at this point nor does that information help them find her or him.”

“Annihilation is an extremely popular sci-fi book about aliens. Heck there’s a pic of me on my Insta reading it. I doubt it means anything.”

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The original poster shockingly accused critics of “defending Brian without defending Brian.” Ironically, she said:

“I think people are looking too much into the book and the specific details about it, rather than as a whole picture. …Don’t dig into the little details of the book, just look at it as a whole.”

Umm, now we’re NOT supposed to look into “specific details of the book” after her original video literally encouraged people to be suspicious about the book???

Listen, while we agree Brian’s actions have been totally shady, latching onto these kinds of details doesn’t seem to benefit the investigation whatsoever. (If he was reading Gone Girl or OJ Simpson’s memoir, we might have more to say about it.) But what do U think, Perezcious readers? Is social media taking things too far with their true crime obsession? Or does every detail like this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (below).

[Image via Gabby Petito/Instagram]

YouTube Video Shows Gabby Petito’s Van In Grand Teton National Park Just Days After Last Contact

YouTube Video Shows Gabby Petito’s Van In Grand Teton National Park Just Days After Last Contact
Home » Viral: News » YouTube Video Shows Gabby Petito’s Van In Grand Teton National Park Just Days After Last Contact

Another clue in the disappearance of Gabby Petito has been revealed…

On Sunday, a couple on a road trip across the country posted a video on YouTube of what appeared to be the 22-year-old and her fiance Brian Laundrie’s van in Grand Teton National Park. Jenn and Kyle Bethune were editing the footage when the two realized they actually drove past the vehicle on August 27 — two days after the missing woman was last heard from by her family. The couple said:

“We came across a white van that had Florida plates. A small white van. We were going to stop and say hi because we’re from Florida too, but the van was completely dark. There was nobody there, so we decided to continue on our way.”

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The Bethunes claimed they first saw the “abandoned” van around 6 or 6:30 pm that day and saw it again later:

“We figured maybe they were out hiking or they were just chilling inside there was no doors open, you know. You know, a Florida plate, on the other side of the country, is not something we see all the time.”

Take a look at the video (below) starting at 1:27:

The FBI and Gabby’s family have been made aware of the video, with the kin writing on their “Find Gabby” Facebook page:

“We believe this is the van for multiple reasons. Please do not clog up the tip line with the same video. This is in the hands of the right people. Thank you so much, this is exactly why we are asking people to review older photos and video. #FindGabby.”

Her mother, Nicole Schmidt, also confirmed to the DailyMail.com the legitimacy of the sighting, saying:

“It’s a very important piece of information as it pretty much starts the timeline. This new video of the actual van being seen on the 27th appears legit. That was the last location the van might have been seen. It’s a huge piece of the puzzle. It’s essential and there might be more videos out there that people haven’t even realized they have yet. If people were recording videos or just taking pictures, they need to start looking through their stuff.”

Wow. This is a pretty big deal as the FBI is currently searching the campsite area over the weekend. It also adds another detail to the murky timeline of events between the last time Petito spoke to her mom on August 25 and the days before Laundrie returned to their home in Florida alone on September 1. As you may already know, a 22-year-old woman from Wyoming named Miranda Baker claimed she picked up Brian, who was hitchhiking alone, on August 29 in Grand Teton. Gabby and the van were nowhere to be seen at the time.

The partner, who has refused to cooperate with investigators and lawyered up since the start, is now also missing after reportedly telling his parents that he was going for a hike in the Carlton Reserve on Tuesday. Police are currently searching for him, as well.

Here is hoping this brings investigators another step closer into finding out what happened to Gabby. Thoughts on the latest details, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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Chrissy Teigen Says Her Body Is A ‘Daily Reminder’ Of Her Pregnancy Loss

Chrissy Teigen Says Her Body Is A ‘Daily Reminder’ Of Her Pregnancy Loss
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 Chrissy Teigen got candid about her postpartum body nearly one year after suffering a pregnancy loss.

On Saturday, the 35-year-old model opened up about how her body has struggled to adapt since losing her baby Jack at 20 weeks due to pregnancy complications in September 2020, describing it as feeling “stuck” and paused in time.” She wrote in an emotional message:

“It’s really weird when you lose a baby and your body gets paused in time. Usually, you’d gain your ‘yumyums I’m praaaagnant!’ weight, then put on the weight of your little bebe. Then, ideally, you’d have your baby. And you would feed it from your boobs and your body would know to charge through and do what it does to get you back into fighting shape, whatever that may be, for however long it takes (F**K a snap-back)…”

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The Lip Sync Battle alum continued:

“But man. When you lose a baby halfway through, your body just pauses. It has nothing to do. No one to feed. And you’re just…stuck. Stuck with saggy boobs that were prepping to be milk bags, a belly that was ready to bake. I would be lying if I said this did not majorly suck. Not only are you ummmm extremely, diabolically sad at what could have been, but you have this daily reminder every time you look in the goddamn mirror.”

Teigen then expressed how she still feels “extremely, diabolically sad at what could have been” and has to face a “daily reminder” of her son’s death every time she looks in the mirror. And while the Cravings author didn’t have any “positive words” to conclude her note, she asked her followers not to comment “nice things” back:

“I don’t really have a big ending or positive words lol. And don’t say nice things!! I know I know I promise. I know it’s not everything and I know i’m suuuuuch a badass and blah blah blah I just thought I’d be emo for a minute ok! I love you. fuck a scale!”

The momma of two later added in the comments section that “unfair is ok.” Take a look at the searingly honest post (below):

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A post shared by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)

Back in August, Teigen admitted that she understandably hadn’t “fully processed” the loss of Jack, saying:

“Just reminiscing about New York a lot lately, when things were simple, thinking about all the stuff I’ve done and been through not just this year but in my life. I’m slightly down lately. It kind of started when I was thinking of my book caption and typed out ‘my third baby is here!!’ as in cookbook, then realized my third baby will never be here. Then I realized I threw myself into the book, to not think of the real, actual third baby.”

Teigen, who has been honest about her struggles with alcohol dependency in the past, added:

“Now that I don’t have the alcohol to numb it away, things are just … there, waiting to be acknowledged. I guess what I’m saying here is life is so f**king complicated.”

We really cannot imagine how difficult this time must be for Chrissy, especially with it almost being the first anniversary of Jack’s death. Sending her some love today.

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Adele Goes Instagram Official With Boyfriend Rich Paul!

Adele Goes Instagram Official With Boyfriend Rich Paul!
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Adele is making things official!

On Sunday, the 33-year-old singer shared a picture of herself on Instagram with her rumored boyfriend Rich Paul, which marked the first time she has posted him on her social media, and it seems like this is her way of confirming their romance. According to E! News, Adele and the 39-year-old sports agent cuddled up in a photo booth at Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis’ wedding to Marlen P. Rich Swipe to ch-ch-check out the gorgeous snapshots (below):

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A post shared by Adele (@adele)

We couldn’t be happier for her!

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As you may know, the Hello songstress finalized her divorce in March 2021 from ex-husband Simon Konecki with whom she shares custody of their 8-year-old son, Angelo. Although there were previously romance rumors between Adele and rapper Skepta, that soon changed when she and Paul were spotted out together on what appeared to be a date at the NBA finals game. The Cleveland native seemingly hinted at their relationship in a profile with The New Yorker back in May, where he mentioned he was seeing a “major pop star.” Paul told the publication:

“She was over yesterday. I’m not dating, I’m single. Put that in the story.”

An insider later told People in July that the twosome was still pretty “casual,” adding:

“It’s not super serious, but they’re having a good time. They have mutual friends in common, so that’s been nice. She’s having fun and being social…[Adele] has relaxed a lot. She’s not quite as private as when she was married. She is living her life and doing great. She is having a great summer with [her son] Angelo. They are spending most of their time in LA.”

However, things have clearly progressed since then. When they were seen attending LeBron James’ (Paul is his agent, FYI) wife’s birthday party in August, another source confessed to People that things were really heating up between Adele and Paul. The insider shared at the time:

“They went to LeBron James’ party together. He often brings her around his friends. She seems to be getting along with everyone. They act like they are getting more serious. She is having fun dating Rich. They spend a lot of time together. Adele seems very happy.”

She truly does! Reactions to Adele taking a major step in her relationship with Paul? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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Karen Civil Confessed To Paying A Hacker To Take Down Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Instagram

Karen Civil Confessed To Paying A Hacker To Take Down Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Instagram
Home » Viral: News » Karen Civil Confessed To Paying A Hacker To Take Down Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Instagram

This drama surrounding Karen Civil is wild!

In case you’ve never heard of the 34-year-old, she’s a media marketing strategist who has worked with everyone from Nipsey Hussle to Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj and Hillary Clinton. But most recently, Civil made headlines for losing a lawsuit against comedian Jessie Woo, who claimed that the controversial marketer allegedly defrauded her out of millions. However, things did not end there, as she started trending on Twitter after some shocking revelations and allegations dropped over the weekend.

It all started when rapper Joyner Lucas came forward on Saturday in a series of tweets alleging that Karen scammed him of $60,000 in 2015 when he was new to the music industry and never completed the work he paid for at the time. He wrote:

“My son was on the way and you stole 60k from me before I got in the game @KarenCivil. I hired you as a consultant and below attached was the memo you sent me. I was desperate for help and you knew that. After you was paid you went ghost and didn’t expect me to pop. here I am.”

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He continued:

“After you got the money paid upfront, you stopped answering my calls & every time I hit you, you answered the phone with a attitude like I was messing up your day. I sent you hella messages pleading with you to do your job becuz my back was againts the wall. You took advantage.”

Civil reportedly fired back claiming that she had completed the work, as she contracted several people to finish the unspecified tasks. Take a look at the claims made by Joyner on social media (below):

My son was on the way and you stole 60k from me before I got in the game @KarenCivil . I hired you as a consultant and below attached was the memo you sent me. I was desperate for help and you knew that. After you was paid you went ghost and didn’t expect me to pop. ???? here I am pic.twitter.com/4JcBDfYOe7

— Joyner Lucas (@JoynerLucas) September 18, 2021

At this time I was afraid to speak up for myself becuz I didn’t want to get blackballed. I had no idea how this industry Shìt works and I ain’t want you to drag my name thru the mud so out of fear i stayed ???? . Until @Mr_Camron spoke up a few years ago on Twitter and then I did

— Joyner Lucas (@JoynerLucas) September 18, 2021

After I spoke up, you had your peoples hit me directly and you tried to threaten me and then tried to make me write this fake ass apology and make myself look crazy to the public eye. See below attached at @KarenCivil’s text back in 2018 to my business partner. Smh pic.twitter.com/RGOKC5MkdB

— Joyner Lucas (@JoynerLucas) September 18, 2021

Il never forget the day you went on vacation with my money and then picked up the phone when I called you because you went ghost, and you flat out told me “stop calling me I’m on vacation”.. ???? you know how long I been waiting to do this? I been hating you for many years bruh.

— Joyner Lucas (@JoynerLucas) September 18, 2021

Later that day, the New Jersey native then hopped on Clubhouse to address some of the allegations. There, she was confronted by the musician again. However, the most interesting part to come out of that chat room conversation wasn’t the accusations being thrown around by Joyner.

Instead, during the session, she apparently admitted to paying a hacker to take down Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Instagram account in 2018 after they refused to remove a post about Love & Hip-Hop star James R. calling her out for allegedly stealing $17,000. According to Hollywood Unlocked, she said about hiring a hacker:

“Jason is right on that. I told Jason to take something down. He didn’t and I did what I had to do, and I apologized. It got back to Jason — Jason called me upset flipping like ‘why the f**k would you do this, this is how I eat.’ I can own my bulls**t for that.”

Karen Civil admitted on Clubhouse that she hired a hacker to take down Jason Lee’s site.

I don't care for either of him, but to be spending money on hacking another person is one of the most pathetic, disgusting, and lowest things you can do in this business.

Girl, bye.

— Ernest Owens (@MrErnestOwens) September 18, 2021

Wowwww! Lee later took to Twitter to say that he is planning on taking legal action in light of the confessions made:

“Karen Civil needs to be in jail and yes, with the confession we will be seeking all legal and prosecutorial remedies available under every law. #OliviaPopeNeverAdmittedHerDirt”

We have a feeling there is no coming back from all of this! Reactions to the drama with Karen Civil, Perezcious Readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via WENN/Avalon, Jason Lee/Instagram]