Kim Kardashian & North West Launch Joint TikTok Account!

Kim Kardashian & North West Launch Joint TikTok Account!
Home » Kim Kardashian » Kim Kardashian & North West Launch Joint TikTok Account!

Kim Kardashian and North West are officially on TikTok!

The 41-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum and her 8-year-old daughter launched the account @KimAndNorth on Thanksgiving Day, and they’ve already garnered more than 1.4 million followers over the past three days. The bio commemorates their mother-daughter relationship as it reads:

“Me and my bestie.”

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AWWW! While it also says the account is “managed by an adult,” it seems like North is mostly in control of what gets posted, sharing little vignettes of her life and fun times with cousin Penelope Disick and Kimmy Kakes so far in the 30-plus videos. The first post featured the mother-daughter duo enjoying a spa day with the help of products from Kylie Jenner’s skincare line. Ch-ch-check it out (below):


♬ original sound – Iv


They then gave a glimpse into their Turkey Day decor, sharing clips of their pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal items around their home:


♬ Figure It Out – Blu DeTiger


In another post, North and Kim adorably danced to Adele’s Easy On Me. The KKW Beauty founder also shuffled forward to hug her daughter from behind at one point. Take a look at the sweet interaction (below):


♬ Easy On Me – Adele


Kim also appeared in a funny dancing video with her little one, where they both clap their hands along to the popular sound from an episode of Celebrity Family Feud:


♬ Holy Spirit Activate – Victory Youth

Already mastering the TikTok trends! Other vids included the two showcasing their day-to-day lives with North modeling a bunch of hats, giving us a tour of their home, or them going for a ride in a golf cart. Watch some more of the footage (below):


♬ TWINNEM – Coi Leray


♬ original sound – Kim and North


♬ California Gurls – Katy Perry


♬ original sound – Kim and North


♬ original sound – Sisi

It looks like we have a new TikTok stars in our midst! Thoughts on North and Kim’s TikTok account? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

LeBron James Slapped With $15K Fine For Grabbing His Crotch During NBA Game

LeBron James Slapped With $15K Fine For Grabbing His Crotch During NBA Game
Home » LeBron James » LeBron James Slapped With $15K Fine For Grabbing His Crotch During NBA Game

LeBron James’ on-court celebration was apparently too much for the NBA!

Following the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers game Wednesday, People reported the 36-year-old forward was issued a $15,000 fine for grabbing his crotch in a celebratory dance inspired by Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Sam Cassell‘s “big balls” moves. The incident happened after LeBron scored a three-point shot during the fourth quarter — and like we said, the NBA apparently didn’t appreciate the gesture. They said in a statement Friday:

“Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has been fined $15,000 for making an obscene gesture on the playing court and warned for using profane language during media availability in response to league imposed discipline, it was announced today by Byron Spruell, President, League Operations. The incident occurred with 1:17 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ 124-116 overtime win against the Indiana Pacers on Nov. 24 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.”

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In case you didn’t know, the league consistently has fined players for hitting the popular dance from Cassell for years now. Earlier this month, Toronto Raptors star Fred VanVleet was also fined the same amount for doing the gesture, so it comes as no surprise that the NBA decided to flag this moment, too. You can ch-ch-check it out (below):

LeBron hit the clutch 3 and did the Sam Cassell ????

— Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) November 25, 2021


As we mentioned before, the Space Jam actor was also issued a warning about using “profane language” while speaking with the press. The reprimand comes after LeBron received his first-ever suspension without pay a week ago after elbowing Detroit Pistons’ center Isaiah Stewart in the face. Stewart also received a two-day suspension for going after the Ohio native. LeBron called the one-game suspension “bulls**t” as he unintentionally “grazed” the fellow baller in the game during a press conference Wednesday, TMZ reported:

“His elbow got kinda high, got me off balance a little bit. His elbow lifted my arm. I basically tried to swim move down on his arm. When I went down on his arm, he got off balance, and the left side of my hand grazed his face … definitely accidental.”

While LeBron understood being removed from the game after the situation escalated, he didn’t agree with the league’s call to suspend him:

“I thought it warranted an ejection because of what happened after that, but a suspension, I didn’t think it was warranted. But, the league made that call.”

Well, we can imagine this fine also won’t sit well with LeBron. He has not responded to the NBA’s decision at this time, so we’ll see if he has something to say about it! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

My Son Said THE WORST Thing To His Teacher! Plus, Thanksgiving And ENCANTO Review! | Perez Hilton

My Son Said THE WORST Thing To His Teacher! Plus, Thanksgiving And ENCANTO Review! | Perez Hilton
Home » Personally Perez » My Son Said THE WORST Thing To His Teacher! Plus, Thanksgiving And ENCANTO Review! | Perez Hilton

We had to have a very stern talking-to with J.R. Hilton after he wrote something UNACCEPTABLE at school! We filmed our Thanksgiving celebration! AND we took the kids to go see the new Disney animated movie, Encanto. Grandma went too!!! Shocking that she agreed to go with us! But she was not pleased with Perez after! Watch!

Enjoy! SHARE!

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Bachelorette Katie Thurston’s New Man Shuts Down Claims That She Cheated On Blake Moynes With Him

Bachelorette Katie Thurston’s New Man Shuts Down Claims That She Cheated On Blake Moynes With Him
Home » The Bachelor/ette » Bachelorette Katie Thurston’s New Man Shuts Down Claims That She Cheated On Blake Moynes With Him

John Hersey is speaking out about the rumors surrounding his relationship with Katie Thurston!

If you’ve been following the latest drama within the Bachelor franchise world, then you know that the 30-year-old reality star revealed her new romance with Hersey, who she sent home during week two of the show, at the end of her “12 Days of Messy” social media series earlier this week. The news immediately shocked fans of the dating competition series as they questioned the timing of their new relationship. This includes her ex-fiancé, Blake Moynes! While the wildlife manager told the Talking It Out With Bachelor Nation podcast, he didn’t think there was “any physical cheating,” he did accuse Thurston of “emotionally cheating” due to how their friendship quickly turned into something romantic. He explained at the time:

“There’s clearly emotional for it to transition as quickly as it did. I feel stupid and foolish for allowing it to happen, I guess to some degree. And I don’t know if it was partially me too. Was she, in some sense, emotionally cheating to a degree because I wasn’t able to provide something with words of affirmation, which I know I struggle with sometimes? I just have so many things I’m trying to figure out why it went wrong. Why it transitioned so quickly into a new relationship.”

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Now, her new beau is clearing the air…

In a lengthy Reddit thread, which was verified by Page Six, Hersey began by thanking those who have offered their support for him and Thurston before commenting on the negative remarks that have popped up since their relationship debut. While he noted that everyone can voice their opinions, he also expressed that it “hurts” to see “so many of you build assumptions and throw around accusations” about how their coupling came to be.

The 27-year-old bartender admitted that the pair started as friends after first meeting on The Bachelorette, and when they unexpectedly became something more, it was not when Thurston was still with Moynes:

“Katie and I developed an incredible and deep friendship over the last half year or so. The circumstances by which this friendship formed was a series of crazy, random, and coincidental events, that I’m sure you will all hear about at a later time. My point for now, is that we were ALWAYS platonic. Even during my short stint on the season, we never had a chance to foster anything romantic (read as: John blew his chance and left the next day hahaha). The boundaries of our friendship with respect to her ongoing relationship never even required addressing, because it was never a thought in our minds that we would ever be anything more.”

He then further stressed that neither he nor Thurston would have ever cheated, and she specifically took her engagement seriously before it ended:

“You guys- she was engaged. It is apparent that many of you misjudge how both her and I view that commitment. Neither Katie nor I would ever cheat, push someone to cheat or be involved in cheating. It is not in our nature. It is not acceptable. It is not OK. … There was no wrongdoing prior to the end of their engagement.”

Furthermore, Hersey acknowledged how “fast and messy” it may seem that the former bank manager moved on from Moynes, but the timing ultimately felt right for them to start up their relationship:

“Once Katie and I realized there was a romantic connection that we were interested in exploring, we were not starting from scratch; we were building off of the foundation of a close friendship through which, we had already gotten to know each other so well. Every step of the way felt so right.”

And while the duo knew “the optics” would be “the only difficult part” of their newfound love, Hersey said they decided to be honest with everyone from the start instead of hiding it for the sake of their happiness during this time:

“To those of you that suggest we should have waited — I understand. I hear you. But try to understand what it’s like for me, a regular guy, falling helplessly for his best friend, not being able to take her out for dinner because photos would likely leak and everybody would assume we were trying to foster some sort of secret and scandalous relationship haha. Our decision to come out publicly was a decision to pursue happiness in the way we wanted.”


Now that you’ve heart John’s side of the story, what do YOU think about this messy situation, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF with your reactions to the Reddit thread in the comments (below).

[Image via MEGA/WENN, Bachelor Nation/YouTube]

Jon Gosselin’s Leg Swelled Up To TWICE Its Normal Size After Being Bitten By A Venomous Spider While Asleep!

Jon Gosselin’s Leg Swelled Up To TWICE Its Normal Size After Being Bitten By A Venomous Spider While Asleep!
Home » The Gosselins » Jon Gosselin’s Leg Swelled Up To TWICE Its Normal Size After Being Bitten By A Venomous Spider While Asleep!

Jon Gosselin just went through a scary ordeal…

Speaking with The Sun Friday, the 44-year-old reality star revealed he was at his home in Reading, Pennsylvania when he suddenly woke up in “excruciating pain” and realized he had been bitten by something:

“I was DJ-ing for the weekend in Philadelphia, and I finally felt free. It was my first real single weekend. I was totally ready to open up and meet new people and start fresh. But I woke after a night of music and fun and went to stand up only to fall back down on the bed. I was in excruciating pain.”

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Referencing his split from longtime girlfriend Colleen Conrad, Jon continued:

“My first thought was ‘What now?’ I have had a rough year, my breakup was hard, then I got COVID, which was bad. It was really weird because when I looked at my leg, I realized it was twice the [normal] size, and there’s a red-looking blister with a large red circle around it. It kind of looked like a cigarette burn but really raised.”

After limping his way to the car and getting himself to the hospital, Gosselin said the doctor immediately recognized that the bite was from a brown recluse spider. Yikes! In case you didn’t know, the venomous arachnid can lead to loss of limbs or even death if not treated quickly — so thankfully, he got there right in time:

“​​The doc immediately knew the pain was from a brown recluse, which is a deadly spider. My entire leg had swollen up from the cellulitis. The doctor told me that I was lucky to come in because if you don’t treat this you can lose limbs or die from a bacterial infection. It’s crazy because one moment I was DJ-ing and having the best weekend, and next thing you know my life was in danger again.”

Once Jon was released from the hospital with some antibiotics and topical cream to treat the bite, he called an exterminator to make sure the 8-legged creature was gone — but so far, no luck:

“I just wish I knew where the spider was so I can take my revenge. … I went through days of severe pain, and now the antibiotic is so strong it’s made me ill. I’m losing pounds again. It’s finally healing after a week, and the swelling has improved, and the pain is just where the bite is rather than my entire leg.”

We’re wishing him a speedy recovery after this. And if you want, you can take a look at Jon’s spider bite photos obtained by The Sun HERE.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN]

Broadway Legend Stephen Sondheim Dead At 91

Broadway Legend Stephen Sondheim Dead At 91
Home » R.I.P. » Broadway Legend Stephen Sondheim Dead At 91

Broadway icon Stephen Sondheim has died.

According to media reports published on Friday, the acclaimed longtime lyricist, composer, and musical theater legend passed away peacefully at his Connecticut home on Friday, after celebrating Thanksgiving with friends just one day earlier.

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The musical theater legend and longtime impacter of everything Broadway-related was 91 years old at the time of his death.

His lawyer, F. Richard Pappas, first confirmed Sondheim’s sad passing to the New York Times earlier on Friday.

Sondheim was beyond well-known in the musical community around New York and elsewhere, and long considered one of the most important people in the musical theater world. Of course, he wrote the music and lyrics for several beloved shows, including Into The Woods and Sweeney Todd. He also penned the lyrics for other musicals like Gypsy and West Side Story, the latter of which Steven Spielberg has adapted into a new film that is due out in December.

In his life and incredible career, Sondheim earned eight Tony Awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award back in 2008. He also received eight Grammy Awards, and an Oscar for Best Original Song. He infamously said that it was “awfully nice to win one” after accepting one of his first Tonys during the 1971 awards show.

Broadway stars and other talented celebs have taken to social media to reflect on Sondheim’s legacy and comment on his passing throughout the day on Friday. The actress Ariana DeBose, who will star as Anita in Spielberg’s upcoming adaptation of West Side Story for the silver screen, wrote on the social network (below):

“I am at a loss. Feels like the end of an era. He did indeed set the standard for the American musical. Rest well, sir.”

Fellow Tony Award winner Lea Salonga further shared grief reflecting Sondheim’s passing, writing:

“Rest In Peace, Stephen Sondheim, and thank you for your vast contributions to musical theater. We shall be singing your songs forever. Oh, my heart hurts…”

No kidding.

Actor Josh Gad added his own thoughts about the tragic passing, writing:

“Perhaps not since April 23rd of 1616 has theater lost such a revolutionary voice. Thank you Mr. Sondheim for your Demon Barber, some Night Music, a Sunday in the Park, Company, fun at a Forum, a trip Into the Woods and telling us a West Side Story. RIP.”

So well said. And so sad.

Our hearts go out to Sondheim’s family, friends, and loved ones as they work through their grief in the aftermath of this sad news.

Rest In Peace…

[Image via WENN]

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Messy Split! | Perez Hilton

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Messy Split! | Perez Hilton
Home » The PHP: Perez Hilton Podcast » Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Messy Split! | Perez Hilton

The end of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello is a new, exciting beginning for both! They are free now and their future happiness is wide open and theirs for the shaping! Whom should each date next? This and much more on our latest podcast! CLICK HERE to watch this episode of The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker!

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Alec Baldwin Reportedly Hires Lawyer In Preparation For Rust Accidental Shooting Civil Lawsuits

Alec Baldwin Reportedly Hires Lawyer In Preparation For Rust Accidental Shooting Civil Lawsuits
Home » Alec Baldwin » Alec Baldwin Reportedly Hires Lawyer In Preparation For Rust Accidental Shooting Civil Lawsuits

Alec Baldwin is getting ready for the inevitable in the ongoing Rust accidental shooting fallout: the civil lawsuits that will stem from the tragedy and its aftermath.

According to new media reports, the longtime actor and former Saturday Night Live star has hired a lawyer to prepare for future civil lawsuits that could be brought against him or the production.

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Per TMZ, the longtime actor is lawyering up by hiring Aaron S. Dyer of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman to be his lawyer as potential civil suits perhaps begin to proceed in the ongoing case.

Dyer is a former Los Angeles County assistant district attorney. He will reportedly rep both Baldwin himself, as well as Rust Movie Productions and the other production companies involved in making the western.

Of course, the family of Halyna Hutchins — the cinematographer who died in the terrible tragedy — has not yet filed any suit against Alec or anyone else involved in the tragic situation. Still, it’s possible her family will choose to pursue civil action in the aftermath of this terrible scenario, even as investigators continue to determine the full and undisputed timeline of events that occurred on the Santa Fe, New Mexico-area film set.

Even so, other lawsuits have began to come in and other legal actions are starting to be taken as other lawyers determine the proper course of action for some of those involved and who witnessed the terrible tragedy. Filmmaker/director Joel Souza was also injured in the accidental shooting, after the revolver was evidently loaded with at least one live round even though there was supposed to be no ammunition inside.

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For one, the key gaffer on the set at that time, Serge Svetnoy, is already taking legal action over the issues on set amid the tragedy. According to TMZ, Serge is suing over the shooting, claiming Baldwin, armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, and other defendants’ alleged negligence caused him severe emotional distress.

Obviously, the main focus of the aftermath of the tragedy is on Hutchins’ family, friends, and loved ones who are dealing with the unimaginable grief of the situation. But still, there are legal ramifications here what will be settled or litigated via civil suits throughout the next few years, too.

A tough, sad situation all around.

[Image via Patricia Schlein/WENN]

Kanye West Speaks About Kim Kardashian In Surprising Thanksgiving Message: ‘I’m Here To Change The Narrative’

Kanye West Speaks About Kim Kardashian In Surprising Thanksgiving Message: ‘I’m Here To Change The Narrative’
Home » Kim Kardashian » Kanye West Speaks About Kim Kardashian In Surprising Thanksgiving Message: ‘I’m Here To Change The Narrative’

Kanye West has a lot to say as part of this “Thanksgiving Prayer.”

The rapper and father of four children posted a message on Thursday for the family-oriented holiday, opening up in a 5-minute-long video about his past, his mental health, his personal struggles, and his estranged marriage with soon-to-be-ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

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The rapper hasn’t been shy in the very recent past about how he feels about the likelihood of Kim getting back together with him, but now, he’s taking things a step further.

In the video message, the Chicago-born recording artist and record producers spoke candidly about Kim, his public relationship with Christianity, and more. He even talked about his support for Donald Trump and his habit in the recent past of wearing a bright-red MAGA hat.

The rapper said at one point:

“This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the family that my wife has given me, I’m thankful for the life God has given me, and I’m thankful for your time, attention, and patience. In Jesus’ name, amen. … All I think about every day is how I get my family back together and how I heal the pain that I’ve caused. I take accountability for my actions.”

And he continued, noting that Kim really was not a fan of that aforementioned MAGA hat and his bizarre run for president:

“Good lord, my wife did not like me wearing the red hat. Being a good wife, she just wanted to protect me and our family. I made me and our family a target by not aligning with Hollywood’s political stance and that was hard for our marriage. Then I ran for president without proper preparation and no allies on either side. I embarrassed my wife in the way that I presented information about our family during the one and — thank God — only press conference. All my dad had to say afterwards was, ‘Write your speech next time, son.’”

Wow! That’s actually pretty candid… and pretty much correct.

Ye also opened up about his public and controversial relationship with Christianity, and Christian imagery. and Jesus, saying (below):

“When I got saved it did not immediately make me a better person. It made me a self-righteous Christian. Mix that with being rich, famous, and very very very very very very attractive, and you got a molotov cocktail ready to be thrown through the window of anyone who ever disagreed with me. I was arrogant with my Jesus, like I had just got me some Jesus at the Gucci store with a stimulus check.”

That’s, uhh, one way to think about things.

Here’s the full video (below):

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by ye (@kanyewest)

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

What do U think about Kanye’s comments here?

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN/Avalon]

Janet Jackson Is NOT Feeling The New Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction Doc For THIS Reason!

Janet Jackson Is NOT Feeling The New Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction Doc For THIS Reason!
Home » Janet Jackson » Janet Jackson Is NOT Feeling The New Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction Doc For THIS Reason!

It turns out Janet Jackson REALLY doesn’t want any part of that new New York Times documentary covering the infamous 2004 Super Bowl halftime show wardrobe malfunction.

We’ve been reporting on Jackson’s experiences in that terrible situation, which also involved Justin Timberlake, and it sounds like she would very much prefer to tell her own story in her own forthcoming documentary then help frame this one.

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According to Jackson’s former stylist, Wayne Scot Lukas, the superstar isn’t feeling the focus on her station in pop music with the Times‘ recent exposé sent to stream over on Hulu.

The stylist spoke to Page Six about the ongoing situation, informing the outlet in no uncertain terms that Janet isn’t down with what’s being published at this point:

“She wants that documentary to go away. She didn’t ask for a ‘Free Janet’ documentary. She’s not interested. She asked us not to do it. She wants to tell her own story.”

That last part is especially interesting, too — that Janet requested those close to her not participate in the documentary, either, so that she would have her say in her own upcoming work.

That’s certainly her right, as Janet was objectively put through the ringer following the 2004 ordeal. In fact, that’s what a lot of the New York Times documentary explores, pondering the potential role then CBS CEO Les Moonves allegedly played in the aftermath of the incident, supposedly leading to lost opportunities for the pop superstar after she declined to apologize to him personally for the wardrobe malfunction.

Then again, other sources are now speaking out to Page Six that Jackson is very much “over” the narrative that the Super Bowl incident ended her career, too.

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One insider pointed out to the outlet some objectively true facts, stating:

“It didn’t end her career. She still broke records with albums, and she was just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

And Lukas added his own thoughts about that documentary, as well.

He informed the outlet that he’s already taped an interview for the documentary, revealing this information and making it sound like he’s still takin great for the issues himself:

“They’re going to discuss it [the wardrobe malfunction incident], and she’ll have her final say. I’m not privy to her final say, I just need to be aware of my story and I’ve been loyal for 18 years. I really wish Janet or someone could come out now and say, ‘Leave my friend Wayne alone, he didn’t do anything wrong…’ as long as you keep me in the mix, fingers keep being pointed at me.”


One thing is at least for sure: this definitely isn’t the last time we’re going to hear of the halftime show wardrobe malfunction…

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Ex Justin Hartley & Her Difficult Divorce In New Selling Sunset Clips

Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Ex Justin Hartley & Her Difficult Divorce In New Selling Sunset Clips
Home » Reality TV » Chrishell Stause Opens Up About Ex Justin Hartley & Her Difficult Divorce In New Selling Sunset Clips

Chrishell Stause is speaking out about her tough love life experiences in the new season of Selling Sunset.

The Dancing With The Stars alum got very real about her tough divorce from Justin Hartley in the show’s new season, which focuses on the lives of real estate agents selling ultra-high-value homes and land in the trendiest and hottest areas of Los Angeles.

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Opening up about seeing her ex-husband remarry, and dealing with all of the drama and other difficulties that come from going through such a public split, the reality TV star said at one point to co-stars Heather Rae Young and Mary Fitzgerald (below):

“I’ve never been in a better place in my career. I really feel empowered of being a different — a better version of myself than I ever have been. And I feel like I’ve found my voice. There’s no anger left there because now I’ve realized that’s not something I wanted for myself. I mean, if he wants to have 50 wives, go live your best life because I really feel like I am. … Once you know something wasn’t right, whether it was your decision or not, now, you are where you’re meant to be. Out with the old, in with the new.”

Amen to that!

The Kentucky native also opened up about moving out of the San Fernando Valley, and leaving behind her ex-husband and the woman he married — who, as Chrishell explains, was somebody she had previously been familiar with from “back in the day.”

The reality TV beauty opined:

“My ex-husband, Justin, is remarried to someone I know from back in the day pretty well. And a lot of things made sense after finding that out. I wish them the best. I just, you know, it actually if anything, it felt good to know that. It felt like a little bit of closure. … When I was talking about how amazing the Valley was, I did mean it. That being said, I didn’t want to be bumping into people like my ex, so I came back to my roots, back in the hills.”

Sometimes you just need a new start!

Chrishell opened up a bit about that, too, explaining later in the season that she was still looking for something new while trying to figure out what kind of person was compatible with her for life. Speaking to Heather about it, the former Youthful Daze star and soap opera alum said:

“I’m not gonna date an actor again or something like that. I’m at the place where I know anything can happen and sometimes it could come from an unexpected place.”


Probably a good call on not dating an actor again… Just saying!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Share ’em in the comments (below)!

[Image via Michael Boardman/WENN]

OMG! Jimmy Kimmel Nearly Burned Off His Hair & Eyebrows In Thanksgiving Oven Mishap!

OMG! Jimmy Kimmel Nearly Burned Off His Hair & Eyebrows In Thanksgiving Oven Mishap!
Home » Jimmy Kimmel » OMG! Jimmy Kimmel Nearly Burned Off His Hair & Eyebrows In Thanksgiving Oven Mishap!

We’re just hoping that Jimmy Kimmel is really OK!

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host gave fans on Instagram a scare on Thanksgiving Day, after he posted a picture revealing that he’d had a little mishap with the oven at his home.

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Sharing a shot showing off his singed eyebrows, hair, and forearm hairs, the late night TV talker wrote (below):

“Happy thanksgiving everyone. try not to burn your hair and eyebrow off lighting the oven!”


Though Jimmy didn’t share too many details of what exactly went down in his outdoor kitchen, the popular on-air host and comedian did show picture proof of the apparently scary event, revealing it all (below):

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel)


That’s no joke!

Many of Kimmel’s fans and followers commented on the scary reveal, with his own 30-year-old daughter Katie writing (below):


Yep… again. (Jimmy had a prior July 4th-related oven issue in the past, FYI.)

Other commenters added more, uhhh, fuel to the fire (pun intended?) with their own reactions (below):

“Oh no! I can smell this photo”

“Wowzers, hope you are alright”

“Wish I were a fly on the wall to see that”

“Been there”

“I am sorry for the burning incident! Take care and let somebody else cook next time!”

Wow! That last comment… yeah, we feel the same way!

Eventually, Jimmy figured things out, thankfully.

Three hours later, he showed the final product, which surprisingly looks pretty good:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel)

Amazing! Hair-smoked turkey! LOLz!

As we mentioned (above), this is not the first time that he has burned his own body hair while cooking.

Last November, he went on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to explain that he had a prior scary incident on July 4th of that summer, when he caused a “massive explosion” while cooking from that same barbecue.

The late night host explained:

“I haven’t told anybody about this but on July 4th I did a very stupid thing. I turned the gas on on the grill and then I went for a little walk to look for matches. And then when I came back I thought, ‘Hmm, I should probably open the lid and air this thing out, maybe turn it off and start over again.’ And then I thought, ‘No, I’m not going to do that. What I’ll do is I’ll light a piece of paper on fire, then throw it into the grill.’ I did that, and there was a massive explosion in my face. I burned my beard off and my eyebrow off and my eyelashes off. But it didn’t feel like a lucky stroke when it happened, that’s for sure.”

Yeah, no kidding…

Thank goodness he was OK then, and he’s OK this time, too.

Maybe let somebody else deal with the oven next time, Jimmy?!

Just saying!

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram]

82-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Attacked By ATV & Dirt Bike Riders While Getting Thanksgiving Turkey

82-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Attacked By ATV & Dirt Bike Riders While Getting Thanksgiving Turkey
Home » Viral: News » 82-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Attacked By ATV & Dirt Bike Riders While Getting Thanksgiving Turkey

An 82-year-old man was allegedly attacked by a group of ATV and dirt bike riders in Boston last Thursday evening while out getting this Thanksgiving turkey in preparation for the holiday.

The man, who was unidentified by police in news reports, was apparently afflicted with “serious injuries” such that he was forced to be hospitalized to recover.

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His daughter spoke to local Boston TV outlet WCVB earlier this week, sharing the man’s horrifying story and explaining her frustration with the devastating timeline of events, saying (below):

“He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He’s simply traveling somewhere and then he gets attacked, and it’s heartbreaking for us to know that it’s not safe for our 82-year-old father to be out by himself. [We’re] discouraged at humanity, in general, to know that someone — or more than someone — can get together and beat on a defenseless elderly man.”

According to a press release from the Massachusetts State Police, the man was going out to retrieve his Thanksgiving turkey last Thursday evening at around 7:30 p.m.

He was driving through the Fenway neighborhood of the city of Boston in his 1996 Buick Century, when he was approached by a group of “about 30 to 40 off-road motorcycles and ATVs. According to police, he was forced off to the right-hand side of the road before “several [members of the group] began smashing the windows of the victim’s car.”

The group of riders allegedly surrounded his car at least two more times as he drove through the neighborhood, attempting to reach a police sub-station in the area. Eventually, the man rolled down his window at one point while stuck in traffic and asked people in another car to call 9-1-1.

The press release goes on to state:

“[They began] kicking and striking the victim’s vehicle again. While the victim’s car window was down, one of the riders, a male, approached him on foot and began punching the victim through the open window. At the same time, other riders continued to kick the victim’s car. One of the suspects threw a piece of pipe through the car’s rear window; another threw a large rock through one of the car windows.”


The victim’s daughter is horrified by the whole situation, adding:

“He was going to pick up a turkey. That’s all he was doing. A simple errand at 7:30 at night. You wouldn’t think that it would be a dangerous time for someone to be out. He’s still beat up and swollen. He’s still in a lot of pain, but he’s getting stronger and getting better every day. That’s the hardest thing for us to wrap our heads around, that there’s people out there that are violent, angry, careless. We do look at this as an attempted murder. This wasn’t just some sort of assault. He could have really died.”

No kidding.

He was eventually taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but thankfully the man “is expected to survive.”

Police are still trying to figure out why the man was attacked — and what the group’s intentions were.

Police released footage of the ATV and biker group in the moments prior to the incident, which you can see here via WCVB Channel 5 Boston (below):


So terrifying.

We hope they catch those involved in committing these horrible, violent, unnecessary acts.

[Image via WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube]