Even Stevens Star Christy Carlson Romano Hasn’t Spoken To Shia LaBeouf In ‘2 Decades’

Even Stevens Star Christy Carlson Romano Hasn’t Spoken To Shia LaBeouf In ‘2 Decades’
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Ren Stevens has kept her distance from her TV brother.

Christy Carlson Romano was a Disney Channel staple back in the early 2000s, probably best known for starring on Even Stevens — alongside a very young, adorable Shia LaBeouf.

Lately, the actress has been active on social media, hosting a YouTube series called Christy’s Kitchen Throwback, posting actively on TikTok, just being a ray of sunshine.

Meanwhile, her co-star has only become more and more controversial in the years following the show, starting with a plagiarism scandal and culminating in abuse accusations from several women, including FKA twigs.

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In a recent TikTok video, the voice of Kim Possible participated in an FAQ trend — and addressed her relationship with the Transformers star. Acknowledging that “Do you still talk to Shia?” was one of her most frequently asked questions, she shared:

“We haven’t spoken in 2 decades!”


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Basically, that means they haven’t spoken since the show ended in 2003, and Shia went on to become a major movie star (and eclectic performance artist and alleged dog murderer). Back in 2018, the 37-year-old told Us Weekly:

“I’ve definitely traded social comments with him online. But he’s really hard to track down. I think like sometimes he’ll emerge from his artistic state and want to connect with people from his past. … [We] keep missing each other, but we always wish each other the best.”

At the time, she expressed interest in rebooting their classic series. But these days, Christy is understandably less willing. In a follow up TikTok, she addressed the question of “Would you do an Even Stevens reboot” by saying:

“It depends…”

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Depends on… Shia not being involved? We doubt Disney would be willing to work with him again (and based on his semi-autobiographical film, we doubt he would want to, either). Reboots without the original main character have happened before, but we think Even Stevens will probably have to remain a relic of the past.

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The Broadway vet kept her social media shade vague, but there’s no doubt she was throwing some Shia’s way. In another TikTok, Christy rated her old Disney projects, reflecting on the sitcom:

“I mean, this cast was so much fun to work with. Uh, some things didn’t age well. But I did! 8/10.”

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Dang! Wonder what she’s talking about… Though “didn’t age well” is probably a generous interpretation of the embattled artist’s recent controversies. We can’t imagine what it would be like to have your career tied so closely to someone so problematic. It’s definitely a tricky situation, but Christy seems to be handling it with grace and humor.

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