Kristen Bell Reveals Dax Shepard Gave Her Drug Tests To Use On Him ‘Whenever’ She Wants After His Relapse

Kristen Bell Reveals Dax Shepard Gave Her Drug Tests To Use On Him ‘Whenever’ She Wants After His Relapse
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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are building back stronger than ever after his recent relapse.

Kristen has always been supportive of her husband’s addiction issues, including publicly voicing her love and support after he revealed his relapse in the fall of 2020. The Punk’d alum recently shared that he felt “better with six months than [he] had felt in 15 years” of sobriety, but the positive attitude comes from hard work and trust between the spouses.

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Speaking with Self magazine, the Veronica Mars star revealed how the couple navigated Dax’s relapse. She explained:

“We realized, ‘Okay, our math wasn’t working.’ I mean, he admitted it so quickly. It was like, ‘I did something that I don’t want to do. I’m going down a bad road. I want help. I want your help,’ and I looked at him and I said, ‘Okay, you come up with the new math.’”

In the wake of his renewed sobriety, the actress revealed he had given her not “full control,” but “full privilege, maybe, to call him on anything.” The 46-year-old told his wife:

“‘You can drug-test me whenever you want. I’m going to buy some tests. I’m going to have them in the house. If you ever feel nervous, I want you to have access to this and I’ll do it, no questions asked.’”

The precaution wasn’t just for her peace of mind — she divulged that knowing he may be tested at any moment was also a “safety net” for the podcast host. As to whether she’ll actually take him up on it, she said:

“Maybe, some day. Why not?”

Asked about being married to someone with addiction issues, she replied:

“He’s just good at trying, and that’s all you can ask of anyone. No one’s perfect. He’s proven to me that he is committed to evolving and he loves personal growth.”

In fact, the Frozen voice actor has relied on her co-parent’s wisdom to jolt her out of her own mental health crises. She recalled his reaction to one of her pandemic-related depressive episodes, where he challenged her:

“‘Hey, real quick, are you helping anyone right now by sitting and crying in your bed, or are you just being self-indulgent? Either get up and donate money or donate your time or do something to help, or take that story in, give it some love, and come out here and be a good mom and a good wife and a good friend and live your life in honor of the suffering that happens in the world.’”

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Kristen responded:

“‘How dare you?’ But also, ‘You’re right.’”

LOLz! This won’t come as a surprise for any fans of Dax and Kristen’s relationship, but it seems like these two have a truly balanced, trusting relationship where both help the other deal with their personal issues. As always, we appreciate them sharing some of it with us.

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